Montreal, QC : A Brief Introduction

Montreal, the beautifully vibrant French-speaking province in Quebec, has grown tremendously since Latoya first visited over ten years ago. Even though she doesn’t speak French, she still felt belonging and welcoming among the residents. Our goal is to return so we can provide more visual examples; however, this entry will provide the introduction to a city. The first chapter, as it were.

Montreal has unique qualities. The city is surrounded by water, but its interior presents an extremely diverse population in an urban environment. There are many festivals in Montreal which showcase the multicultural identities of its population. Uniquely, Montreal has an underground city where residents and tourists have access to hundreds of stores and restaurants, while being shielded from the harsh Canadian winter. This infrastructure allows pedestrians to walk through different locations of the city despite freezing conditions. 

Additionally, Montreal has extensive shopping, restaurant districts, and metro line systems where locals and tourists can harmoniously enjoy city life. For the history enthusiast, there is a bountiful display of architecture and statues sprawled throughout the city.

We will be back to Montreal for a much deeper dive. 

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