West Haven Green, West Haven, Connecticut

West Haven, Connecticut is Latoya’s hometown with great childhood memories. This historic plot of land represents the colonial culture developed in New England. The Green was the scene of action during the Revolutionary War when Major General William Tryon led British forces in a brief invasion directed at nearby New Haven.  Present day, the Green … Continue reading “West Haven Green, West Haven, Connecticut”

Lam Watah Trail to Nevada Beach, Stateline, Nevada. Lake Tahoe South

Lake Tahoe had an overabundance of nature trails, mountains, fishing and camping sites, and with regards to where we stayed, plenty of nightlife. Initially, we placed the Lam Watah trail to Nevada Beach on our to-do list because of its convenience to where we stayed; the trail was a half-mile walk from the hotel. We … Continue reading “Lam Watah Trail to Nevada Beach, Stateline, Nevada. Lake Tahoe South”

Robbin’s House, Windsor, NJ

Robbin’s House, Windsor, NJ Certain destinations offer enough reflection by presentation alone. Robbin’s House finds itself within a unique category of local, small town NJ history. Once a Royally-indentured body of farmland, this modest plot now sits along a mostly-isolated, 23-acre  hill of an open air homestead. Mostly-isolated; because while the land is kept and … Continue reading “Robbin’s House, Windsor, NJ”

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